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Review of the extratransference intervention practice in the psychoanalytic psychotherapy

DOI: 10.2298/sarh0608320j

Keywords: transference , interpretation , psychoanalytic psychotherapy , extra transference intervention

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The transference analysis takes the central position of the work in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The work in extratransference sphere and experience in practical work with extratransference interventions are not often reported in expert literature. Extratransference sphere includes less transferring relation to the psychotherapist, transference on the other objects, or may refer to the external reality rather than the psychic reality or fantasy. In our illustration, we gave emphasis to extratransference interventions. Application of genetic interpretation and reconstruction were demonstrated as well, which can restore and establish connections between past and present, in order to understand influences of the past and current reality, and helping us to resolve infantile conflicts. Interpretation of extratransference situations is an important part of the analytical work and it is the essential category of interpretation. Analytic understanding should include transference and extratransference spheres, fantasy and reality, past and present. Working with neurotic patterns and character resistance needs an optimal choice of intervention in a given moment of analytic process. Extratransference interventions are the essential category of intervention, irreplaceable for their effectiveness in analytic process.


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