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Some Morphological Structural Studies of Cucurbitaceous Tendrils under Arid Conditions

Keywords: Cucurbitaceae , tendrils , genera

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This study was carried out at Khulis, Khulis Governorate, Makkah region, on the first of April during the growing season of 2007, to study the morphology and anatomy of tendrils in different eight of cucurbit genera. The results showed a great variation among the most tested cucurbit genera concerning the twisting, branching, number of tendrils per node and presence of tendril trunk. Also, shape of transverse sections were ovate, sinuate-rhombic, sinuate-emarginate oblong, emarginate-ovate, spherical, notched-ovate and reniform. Furthermore, presence of collenchymatous, sclerenchymatous tissues, number of vascular bundles in Transverse Section (TV) and arrangement of vascular bundles varied according to the studied species. It could be conclude from this research that there are a numerous of qualitative traits of tendrils which plays an important role in identification of cucrbitaceous plants for examples; the twisting, branching, transverse section shape, collenchymatous tissue, scleranchymatous tissue, tylosis and arrangement of vascular bundles.


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