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Some spiders (Araneae) new to the Hungarian fauna, including three genera and one famil

Keywords: Araneae , faunistics , neozoon , rare species

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We report the occurrence of new species of spiders to Hungary: Acantholycosa lignaria (Clerck, 1758), Episinus maculipes Cavanna, 1876, Oecobius maculatus Simon, 1870 and Pandava laminata (Thorell, 1878). We also report Clubiona neglecta O. P.-Cambridge, 1862 (previously only mentioned in a table in a Hungarian-language dissertation). The genus Acantholycosa (Dahl, 1908) was hitherto unknown in Hungary, yet expected to occur. The family Oecobiidae Blackwall, 1862 is new to the Hungarian fauna. The Southeast-Asian neozoon Pandava laminata is also recorded as new to Hungary. All further species found to be new to the Hungarian fauna or described in Hungary after the most recent publication of a Hungarian spider checklist are briefly mentioned.


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