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Hydrothermal Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of a-MnO2 Nanorods as Cathode Material for Lithium Batteries

Keywords: a- MnO2 nanorod , hydrothermal , rechargeable lithium battery

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One dimensional(1-D) a- MnO2 nanorods with diameters of 10~20nm are directly prepared by hydrothermal treatment of g- MnO2. When used as lithium intercalation cathode, the a- MnO2 nanorods have delivered specific capacity of 220, 189 and152mAh/g at the current of 10, 50, and 100mA/g respectively. Also, the nanorods have exhibited quite good cycling stability with a cycling capacity of 130mAh/g after the 25th cycle. The results demonstrated a possible use of the a-MnO2 nanorods as a competitive cathode material for rechargeable lithium battery.


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