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Nov 07, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Effects of Mango Wastes-Based Diets on the Growing Parameters of Laying Hens and Biometric Parameters of the Eggs

Drissa Barry, Timbilfou Kiendrebeogo, Modou Sere, Alima Combari, Youssouf Mopaté Logténé, Chantal Yvette Kaboré-Zoungrana
Introduction: Poultry production has increased during the past half century throughout the world. In Burkina Faso modern poultry farming is becoming a necessity in view of the growing demand for eggs. Intensive poultry farming is developing rapidly, given that the productivity of local poultry remains very low Because of the low availability and high cost of food. Therefore, it becomes imperative to develop strategies to make mode

Nov 06, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Steamed Wheat Breads with Auricularia polytricha Powder as a Functional Food Product

Fengjuan Jia, Yueming Wang, Zhiqing Gong, Wenjia Cui, Yansheng Wang, Wenliang Wang
Auricularia polytricha is a functional food material that contains numerous bioactive health-promoting compounds. This study demonstrates the novel application of A. polytricha powder (APP) in steamed bread production. Moreover, this work aimed to determine the influence of the direct addition

Sep 26, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Cassava By-Products as Feed for Pigs in Burkina Faso: Production Processes, Nutritive Values and Economic Costs

Timbilfou Kiendrébéogo, Nouhoun Zampaligré, Souleymane Ouédraoogo, Youssouf Mopaté Logténé, Chantal Yvette Kaboré-Zoungrana
Introduction: In Burkina Faso, as in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the low availability and high cost of feed is the main limiting factor for pigs’ productivity. While cassava byproducts are well known and used in many countries to overcome this constraint, very little is known on its uses as feed in Burkina Faso. Objective: The study aims to develop processes for the production of pig feeds from cassava leaves and by prod

Sep 05, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Agro-Industrial Groundwater Quality Abuja FCT, Nigeria: An Evaluation for Urban and Peri-Urban (UPA) Agricultural Irrigation

Richard Ayuk II Akoachere, Omogbemi Omoloju Yaya, Areakpoh Thomson Eyong, Marcelle-Carole Pami Ngassam, Ernest Lytia Molua, Raymond Ndip Nkongho, Elizabeth Orock Ayuk, Tom Tabi Oben
From the declaration made by the African Mayors in Senegal; the Mayors and Municipal Health Officers of the Americas in Columbia; the City Executives of Cities and Local Governments of the World in Spain and in the context of the Millennium Development Goals MDG 1&7; there is a need for increased food production in urban and peri-urban areas UPA in the world. Sub-Saharan Africa faces more development challenges than any other

Aug 13, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Rice Postharvest Technology in Nigeria: An Overview of Current Status, Constraints and Potentials for Sustainable Development

N. Danbaba, P. Y. Idakwo, A. L. Kassum, C. Bristone, S. O. Bakare, U. Aliyu, I. N. Kolo, M. E. Abo, A. Mohammed, A. N. Abdulkadir, I. Nkama, M. H. Badau, M. A. Kabaraini, H. Shehu, A. O. Abosede, M. K. Danbaba
In 2016, the total estimated paddy production in Nigeria was 17.5 million metric tons (MMT) which is equivalent to 5.7 MMT milled rice. This is 1.3 MMT lower than the projected 7.0 MMT national consumption demands. This implies that Nigeria is progressing towards achieving self-sufficiency in rice if this data is compared with 3.5 MMT milled rice production in 2010. But about 10% - 30% or more of this increase does not reach the f

Jul 30, 2019Open    AccessArticle

The Extract Obtained from Two Radish Cultivars (Raphanus sativus L. and Raphanus sativus L. var. radikula) Using Liquid Nitrogen Is Germination of Sterile Oats (Avena sterilis Subsp. sterilis) and Allelopathic Effect on Seedling Growth

Duygu Sisek, Suleyman Turkseven, Suleyman Topal
The purpose of this study is to determine the allelopathic effects of extracts obtained by using liquid nitrogen from the plant of Antep radish (Raphanus sa-tivus L.) and little radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. radikula) on germination and seedling growth of sterile oats. The experiments were carried out in six groups with root, stem and root stem mixed extracts of radish plants (Antep and little radish). A novel metho

Jul 25, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Assessment of the Adaptation Strategies of Farmers at the Mt. Isarog Watershed Area to the Impacts of Extreme Weather Conditions

Agnes R. Pesimo, Erlinda M. Basilla, Rosemarie A. Tabardillo, Joselito Tabardillo
The study evaluated the various adaptation strategies of farmers at the Mt. Isarog Watershed Area to the impacts of extreme weather conditions. Spe-cifically, it looked into the Identification of the various climatic events that have significant impacts on three dimension of farming like crops, income and soil quality. It also identified the adaptation strategies used by farmers to the impacts of various climatic events and how su

Jul 10, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Influence of Land Cover Changes and Climatic Variability on Discharge Regime of Njoro River Catchment in Kenya

Kennedy Kitonga Mwetu
This study analyzed influence of land cover changes and climatic variability from 1973 to 2000 on discharge regime of Njoro River Catchment in Kenya. Analysis focused on hydro-meteorological data of 1977-1984 (Period I) and 1992-2000 (Period II), which are the periods found with available data and Landsat imageries for the same periods. Results show a downward trend of annual discharge that corresponded to increased deforestation.

Jun 24, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Research on Modern Agricultural Management System of Dazhou City

Zibiao Cheng, Xiaoyi Liu
On the basis of summarizing the achievements of modern agriculture de-velopment in Dazhou city, this paper analyzes the challenges faced by the construction of modern agricultural management system in Dazhou city: poor modern agricultural management environment; shortage of modern agricultural technology talents; hindered rural land transfer and modern agricultural management service guarantee policy needed to be improved. It puts

Jun 14, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Physico-Chemical Characterization of Some Malagasy Rice Varieties. Relationship between Digestibility and Weevil Attack

Rasoazanakolona Voahanginirina
Alkali digestibility and gel consistency of a few Malagasy rice varieties have been studied. As regard the alkali digestibility, results show three types of vari-eties: respectively varieties with low, medium and high alkali digestibility. Homogeneous translucent milled varieties are found to have a long time of un-changeableness at storage (more than two years): they were most of the im-prove


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